Arizona (Cont'd)



I rose over the launch field. Graham was flying nearby in his balloon. As I ascended, the wind began carrying me to the West, towards the dam and the gorge below it. We had been advised to not to cross the gorge, access being very limited on the far side, but I knew there were winds above that would take me back to Page, so I drifted over for my photo op with the dam.



It's funny how being over something tall or deep can makes you apprciate how high you are, even when you fly at much higher altitudes all the time. Maybe it just makes the notion of falling much more graphic. In any case, the Glen Canyon dam was definitely impressive from the air.


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My little thrill for the morning done, I dropped some ballast and went up into the eastbound wind that would take me across Page.



Over Page I dropped back down low, but the westbound wind that had carried me to the dam was no longer there. I continued to float to the east across the town.