I floated on over wooded hills.
















Finally, I crested a rise and saw a large field ahead.




I called Gary and Carol on the radio, and had them check with our local crew volunteers about what lay out ahead in the direction I was going. Mostly trees, was the answer, which was pretty much all I could see out to the horizon. I decided to land.




I saw my balloons....

...and my shadow on the trees...

...and my feet...


..and I floated down slowly...

 a soft landing among the cut cornstalks, in Sheffield, Massachusetts. I was in what the locals call the Mile-Long Corn Field. My crew arrived and walked me out to the road.


Local residents came out to see the cluster balloon, and to take a few balloons home.



The day was warming up as we put the last of my equipment away, and headed back to Connecticut.



Celebration LXVI

Crew Chief: Gary & Carol Weed

Crew: Dick & Mary Beth Young, Al & Bev Theodore, Dave & Sue Lee, Peter Kagey, Diane & Bob Blair, Carlos Kebe, Jack Perry

Special Thanks to: Mick Murphy (Aer Blarney Balloons), Darrel Long, Dave Riva (C.A. Lindell & Son)

Chase Balloon: Dick & Mary Beth Young

Photography: Marjorie Walters, Mary Beth Young, Dick Young, Beverly Theodore, Carol Weed, Jack Perry, Carlos Kebe, John Ninomiya



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