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bullet Sorry, but I won't answer any "how to" questions regarding cluster ballooning, because I don't want to be held responsible for your possible injury or death.   This includes questions such as "how many balloons do you need?" and "where do you buy those balloons?"  Too little common sense in the world and too many lawyers.  Please don't ask.
bullet I'm available for cluster balloon flights at balloon rallies or other special events.*
bullet Support the States of Enlightenment project by inviting me to fly a helium cluster balloon in your state.*
bullet I'm an FAA-licensed hot-air ballooning instructor in the San Diego area.
bullet If you fly cluster balloons, I'd like to include you in my web pages, or provide a link to yours.
bullet Always happy to discuss Cloudhoppers, especially with hot-air pilots who are ready to degondolize.
bullet Get on the list to be e-mailed when site is updated.
bullet I welcome your comments on the Ballooning into the Sky webpages.

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* Not a solicitation for compensated engagements. Cluster balloon flights are non-commercial flight operations under FAR Part 103.

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