Links and References

There is relatively little published information available on cluster balloons.  Below are some relevant links, article references and other resources.

Links and Publications

bullet "The Pleiades": a brief history of cluster ballooning by the illustrious Don Piccard.  Balloon Life, January 1991.
bullet Larry Walters: There's a lot of highly fictionalized material on the Web regarding Larry (e.g. the various "Darwin Awards" and "humor" pages).  Some reasonably factual information sources include:
bullet A newspaper article and photo, from the time of Larry's flight.
bullet More newspaper articles about Larry.
bullet "The Man in the Flying Lawn Chair": an article by George Plimpton in the New Yorker, June, 1998. 
bullet Ian Ashpole, English cluster balloonist and adventure-person, 1997 flight.
bullet Ian Ashpole, "party balloon record" flight, 2001.
bullet Mike Howard, "Ripley's Believe It or Not" flight, 2001.
bullet Articles by John Ninomiya: these articles go into more detail than I've presented in my website regarding my cluster balloon flights.  Ballooning is the Journal of the Balloon Federation of America.
bullet Ballooning into the Sky: An account of my first cluster flight with the Piccard Pleiades mylar balloons.  Balloon Life, June 1997.
bullet "A Condition of Complete Simplicity": My second and third cluster flights.  Ballooning, September 1997.
bullet "Celebration at 21,000 Feet": An ascent to 21,000 feet for an altitude record attempt.  Ballooning, January 1999. 
bullet "Three Flights": An account of my Celebration VII, Concord and Celebraton VIII flights, with cover photo. Balloon Life, 7.2001.
bullet "Crewing asdf": David Tanzer's account of my flight at the Adirondack Balloon Festival in September, 2003. Ballooning, asdfsd, asdfsdf.
bullet Dragon: My current project with well-known balloon artist Larry Moss to create a helium balloon scuplture in the form of a dragon that will carry me off in its claws.
bullet "Flights of Fancy: Oh, to Be Sent Aloft by a Balloon Bouquet"  Wall Street Journal, November 1, 2002, Page 1.  Features my October 2000 flight in Newton, Kansas, and provides general background on cluster ballooning.

Television and Video

bullet Footage of my cluster balloon flight to 21,000 feet appeared on Extreme Machines on TLC (episode title "Ultimate Balloons", originally aired July 1999).   The narration is slightly melodramatic, but basically factually correct.
bullet Footage of another of my cluster balloon flights appeared on Senseless Acts of Video on MTV (series premiere, originally aired January 2000).
bullet Tech Live on TechTV featured one of my cluster balloon flights (originally aired November 26, 2002). Read their article and see the streaming video here.
bullet Inside Edition ran a short segment on the same flight covered by TechTV (originally aired November 2002).
bullet "Flying an Octopus" a professionally-produced video featuring my collaboration with balloon artist Larry Moss, is available for purchase from Larry on VHS and DVD.
bullet A video of my flight at the Bloomington Indiana Balloon Fiesta appears here, countesy of Travis Vencel and TJV Balloons. Mac users may have problems viewing this page.
bullet Footage of my cluster balloon flight in the Sierra Nevada mountains will be featured in the AIMS Education Foundation math/science ballooning video/book, scheduled for publication in 2004.
bullet Tactical to Practical on the History Channel filmed my cluster flight in February 2004; this will be part of their episode on ballooning, tentatively scheduled for May, 2004.

Related Links

bullet Parabounce: This company produces a helium balloon attached to a harness -- too small to actually fly with, but used for jumping around on tether.  It's not exactly what I'd call flying -- but it's fun.
bullet For the hot-air version of single-person ballooning, please visit our sister site,

Ballooning in General

Flying with a basket is fun too, and I must admit it makes it easier to carry passengers....

bullet The Balloon Federation of America, our national club
bullet Cool for Kids: the BFA Junior Balloonist Program
bullet Joop de Wilde's comprehensive list of ballooning links
bullet Syrinx Balloon: a nice, general-purpose ballooning website, with a very thorough list of balloon event links
bullet WHAMOBASS: the longest continuously-running balloon event in the world.

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