This page lists my helium cluster balloon flights. Flights are listed in two ways. The first is in the form of a pilot logbook: a complete chronological list of flights, along with date, location and other information. The second is a list of selected notable flights, by category. In both lists, most of the flights are linked to pages with narrative text and photos describing that flight.

Note that some of the webpages that are linked to from this page date back to as early as the late 1990's, when photos on websites were kept small due to the slow connection speeds available at the time.

 At the bottom of this page are links to pages devoted to the crew chiefs for my cluster balloon flights. The crew chief is the person who helps manage the preparations for each flight and who leads the chase vehicles following me on the ground. My crew chiefs have all come out of a background in hot-air ballooning, and I owe the success and safety of my cluster balloon flights to their effort and skill.


I. Pilot Logbook

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Flight #
Balloon Name
Launch Location

States Series

Crew Chief
Sponsor [1]

Ernie Hartt


Celebration XIX

Jackson, MI
Ernie Hartt
Hot-Air Jubilee
Celebration XXIX
Baton Rouge, LA
Ernie Hartt
North American Balloon Association Nationals
Celebration XXX
Baton Rouge, LA
Bob Dunnington
North American Balloon Association Nationals
Faribault Area Airfest
50 Celebracion I 3/18/2007 Teotihuacan, Mexico No Ernie Hartt Festival Aerostatico Teotihuacan
51 Celebration XLIII 5/6/2007 Roswell, NM #28 Bob Dunnington Old Timers' Balloon Rally
52 Celebration XLIV   Madras, OR #29 Jerry Sebby  
53 Celebration XLV 5/27/2007 Skowhegan, ME #30 David Tanzer Skowhegan Balloon Festival
54 Celebration XLVI 6/16/2007 Quechee, VT #31 Roland Escher Quechee Balloon Festival
55 Celebration XLVII 6/22/2007 Hope, AR #32 Brian Shafer Balloons of Hope
56 Celebration XLVIII 7/22/2007 Greenfield, MA #33 Gary and Carol Weed, et al Green River Festival
57 Celebration LXIX 8/11/2007 Long Island, NY No Phil and Debbie Rutan

Metro New York Balloon and Music Festival

58 Celebration L 8/17/2007 Maysville, KY #34 Phil and Debbie Rutan Buffalo Trace Balloon Race
59 Celebration LI   Ripon, CA #35 Larry Vandenberg  
60 Celebration LII 10/6/2007 Morgantown, WV #36 Roland Escher University Motors Mountaineer Balloon Festival
61 Celebration LIII 10/27/2007 Statesville, NC #37 Gary and Carol Weed Carolina Balloon Fest
62 Celebration LIV 11/10/2007 Polk City, FL #38 Bob Dunnington Roar 'n' Soar
63 Celebracion II 3/21/2008 Teotihuacan, Mexico No Ernie Hartt Festival Aerostatico Teotihuacan
64 Celebration LV 6/14/2008 Sioux Fall, SD #39 Larry Vandenberg Great Plains Balloon Race
65 Celebration LVI 7/26/2008 Billings, MT #40

Ernie Hartt

Magic City Balloon Rally
66 Célébration 8/16/2008 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada No Ernie Hartt Internationale de Montgolefieres de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
67 Celebration LVII 9/20/2008 Mauldin, SC #41 Larry Vandenberg Mauldinfest
68 El Hombre Globo I 11/8/2008 Chihuahua, Mexico No Ernie Hartt Fiesta del Globo
69 El Hombre Globo II 11/9/2008 Chihuahua, Mexico No Ernie Hartt Fiesta del Globo
70 Celebration LVIII   Hartford, WI No Phil and Debbie Rutan  
71 Celebration LIX 8/1/2009 Indianola, IA No Ernie Hartt National Balloon Classic
72 Celebration LX 3/6/2010 Winthrop, WA


Ernie Hartt Winthrop Balloon Roundup
73 Celebracion III 3/20/2010 Teotihuacan, Mexico No Larry Vandenberg Festival Aerostatico Teotihuacan
74 Celebration LXI 7/3/2010 Driggs, ID No Larry Vandenberg Teton Valley Summer Festival
75 Celebration LXII 7/30/2010 Longview, TX No Larry Vandenberg Great Texas Balloon Race
76 Celebration LXIII 7/31/2010 Longview, TX No Larry Vandenberg Great Texas Balloon Race
77 Celebration LXIV 8/7/2010 Cumberland, RI #43 Larry Vandenberg Cumberlandfest
78 Celebration LXV


New Haven, MO #44 Bob Dunnington New Haven Balloon Race
79 Celebration LXVI 10/10/2010 Canaan, CT #45 Gary and Carol Weed None
80 Celebration LXVII 5/21/2011 Union Bridge, MD No Gary and Carol Weed None
81 Célébration Deux 8/17/2011 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada #46 Jacques Côté Internationale de Montgolefieres de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
82 Celebration LXVIII 9/10/2011 Medora, ND #47 Ernie Hartt Medora Balloon Rally

[1] Sponsoring events or organizations that provided venue and logistical support for flights. Flights are not compensated.



II. Notable Flights

"SE" = States of Enlightnement project

Scenery or Location

New Hampshire (SE)
Tennessee River Crossing
Mississippi River Crossing
Sierra Nevada Mountains
Teton Valley

Special Shapes

Grape Cluster
Second Grape Cluster
On Top of a Hot-air Balloon


Teotihuacan (2007)
Teotihuacan (2008)
Quebec (2008)

Poetry and Fiction

Nevada (SE)
Vermont (SE)
Utah (SE)
North Dakota (SE)
Teotihuacan (2008)
New Mexico (SE)


III. Crew Chiefs

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Ernie Hartt

Larry Vandenberg

Bob Dunnington

Roland Escher