Mexico (cont'd)



I was moving at about 15 mph toward the City of the Gods, a pretty good clip for a balloon. I wondered whether I was just going to shoot on past the pyramids without getting a chance to look around. Fortunately, I remembered that Javier had told me that the winds up higher were generally much slower here. So I dropped some ballast to climb, and at about 1000 feet I had slowed to a few miles per hour.

I was just south of the Pyramid of the Sun. The view was amazing.





After a while, watching Javier's balloon, I saw that the wind had abated down below. So I dropped down as well, and began drifting over the titanic monuments.


The Temple of the Feathered Serpent


The Pyramid of the Sun

The Pyramid of the Moon

The early Spanish were convinced that the City of the Gods had been built by a race of giants, going so far as to send their King the femur of a prehistoric mammoth found nearby as proof. Floating over the immense ruins, I could understand their reaction. I felt like a child-giant's bunch of toy balloons, adrift over some precocious construction of enormous building blocks.



Finally, I dropped down low again and let the wind carry me away from the City of the Gods, off to the west over Teotihuacan. Javier followed me in his hot-air balloon.




I floated low over the town, passing a beautiful old church...

... a downtown shopping area....

... and an old cemetery.