Missouri (cont'd)


Darrin Henderson
My balloons carried me up over the park.




As I rose, I had a wonderful view of the town spreading out to the Missouri River to the north.





I was moving at just three or four miles per hour, to the south. As I ascended past one thousand feet, there was a more westbound to the wind, and a nearing two thousand feet a bit of northwest, angling toward the river. I did not want to have to divert crew many miles to the nearest place where they could cross, so I dropped back down to where the wind was taking me southwest.


My crew had a leisurely chase, following me west on State Highway 100, and then south on Highway YY.



Back at the field, some of the hot-air balloons were finally launching.







The weather remained very grey, but the landscape was very rich and green, and above me all the colors of my balloons lent some brightness to the scene. I dropped down lower, where the wind seemed to be a little faster and headed more toward the south.


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