Ohio (Cont'd)


Kathy Thompson


There had been a little wind just before I launched, so I had dropped a good amount of ballast to make sure I would clear all obstacles. Now I was climbing rapidly, quickly overtaking the hot-air balloon that had taken off just slightly before me.

Down on the launch field, the other pilots were laying out their hot-air balloons and inflating them. The huge balloons shrank to tiny, colorful baubles as I continued to rise over the town. Still climbing, I drifted slowly to the southwest, out of Ashland and over the Ohio countryside, until I had floated up to almost 4,000 feet.



After enjoying the view from altitude for a while, I released a few balloons to head back down to where I could take a closer look of the countryside.


Timothy Dutton

A few of the hot-air balloons were in my area now, moving very slowly to the south.



Timothy Dutton