Outside the tent, the crew attached the inflated balloons to sandbags. We had filled the sandbags extra full, anticipating the wind, so none of them quite dragged. But the balloons were leaned way over with the breeze, one of them hitting the tarmac and bursting in a gust.


Marjorie Walters



Gradually, the wind began to slow. I got into my harness and the crew attached the balloons to me.





Adam Leota








Nicole Côté


Crew walked me out to the area where the spectators were. There was still a bit of breeze; Ernie and Jacques were holding me back to keep the wind from dragging me. I was interviewed by one of the festival announcers over the PA system, and then it was time to go.


Marjorie Walters


Marjorie Walters


The crowd cheered, giving voice to my own elation at finally rising into the skies of Quebec with my wonderful red, white and yellow helium balloons.


Marjorie Walters



Adam Leota and John Niniomiya


Stéphanie Lachance