The shadows lengthened as the sun dropped toward the horizon. The other balloons began to land.






I dropped in lower and floated over the treetops. Gary and Carol were with Dave Lee somewhere out on the road ahead.



Finally, I dropped into a likely-looking field that fronted on the road. I began hopping out my way out, and Gary walked in to lend me a hand.




Some local people came out and helped us put away the balloons. Then we drove back in the dark to the Flying H Farm, my Maryland flight at long last complete.



Celebration LXVII

Crew Chief: Gary & Carol Weed

Crew: Dick & Mary Beth Young, Dave & Sue Lee, Diane & Bob Blair, Kenny Adamsbaum, Tailwind Balloon Crew (Patrick Smith, pilot)

Special Thanks to: Flying H Farm (F.E. 'John' Harrison), Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Friendship Hot Air Balloon Company (Ron Broderick)

Chase Balloon: Dick & Mary Beth Young

Photography: Patrick Smith, Kenny Adamsbaum, Carol Weed, Sue Lee, John Ninomiya














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