Utah (cont'd)




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Just past the horizon

Nature rouges and bedizens

Red rock beauties for the show,

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So perhaps a fish could know

Just once a year,


An extravagance of color, in the clear

Blue sky:



Blown high,

Petals from a bright bouquet







In the hour when day

Breaks us from the earth

And suspends us high in mirth.




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That laughing hour -- bring it soon --

The fish with a balloon

Will fly.

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Celebration XXXIX

Crew Chief and Chase Balloon Pilot: Ernie Hartt

Principal Crew: Jenny Wolf, Mike Shelley, Jack Hawkins

Special thanks to Panguitch Main Street, Panguitch Valley Balloon Rally (Cheryl Church, chair), inflation crew volunteers.

Photography: Panguitch Main Street, Jeanie Valentine, Jack Hawkins, Jim Biega, John Ninomiya


Cheryl Church













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